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ROSINSKI PACKAGING, in cooperation with Renishaw, implemented solutions that allow us to use additive printing with assistance of AM machines. Our machinery is equipped with AM400 printer. This is the latest developing achievement of AM250 platform.


We offer full additive manufacturing solutions using metal designed for companies where the most important factors are: resistance, individualised structure and accuracy. These companies include: injection molding machine tools, automotive, industrial tools and also creative companies.

Technological benefits

3D printing technological process

AM additive manufacturing technology


Chamber work


Metal powder

Manufacturing process

Gas filling

3D print


Metal powder loading

Installation of platform pattern

Preparing the model to 3D printing

Metal supply

Additive manufacturing of the design

Argon chamber

Laser metal powder melting

Preparing the model to 3D printing


Additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, is a process used to create three dimensional parts on the basis of digital data. It usually includes creating or integrating thin layers of material in order to receive completed parts. This technology enables to get parts of complex forms which cannot be produced using traditional techniques, such as: casting, forging or machining. Additive manufacturing technology is a new possibility of creating as well as using plenty of other elements during production. It also minimises material usage and reduces the cost of equipment.

Loading metal powder to AM400 chamber happens through upper loading tunnel located at the back of the printing machine. The powders are loaded before additive manufacturing process and during the process if it is necessary.

Platform pattern allows us to attach the model which will be printed in the form of a finished product. The product’s capacity cannot be over the measurements of 250 mm x 250 mm x 300 mm.

The three dimensional model of a designed element is prepared long before its manufacturing. Prior to the design, there are many analyses done to receive better final effect.

In one melting cycle, one layer of metal is dosed. The layers are spread until the design is fully completed – the process of printing is finished.

In the process of alternating layer spread and laser melting, the model platform goes down, creating room for next powder layers until the machine finishes the work.

The chamber is filled with argon to create chemically inert atmosphere. It allows us to melt the metal powder without the risk of gas (oxygen or carbon dioxide) pollution.

The metal powder, which is spread layer by layer, is melted by using a fiber optic laser which capacity reaches 200 W or 400 W.

Three dimensional model of designing element is being prepared long before printing. Ahead of printing, the project undergoes many analyses in order to obtain the best final effect.

We design and create the projects using additive manufacturing. We produce parts using metal powder deposit melting (laser melting) 1.2709 martensite tool steel. Our professional knowledge about developing and our experience in using technology in our plants allow us to supply optimised solutions to many industrial branches. Find out more about additive manufacturing systems for Your business today! Contact us today.

3D metal print - SLM

3D technology printing process

Renishaw’s source materials

Renishaw’s source materials

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