Technological benefits

Simulation is the future

Projects optimisation


and cost

Symulacja jest bardzo intuicyjnym procesem, wskazującym bezpośrednio problemy, które mogą wystąpić w projekcie. Ponadto, projektanci pracują bezpośrednio na trójwymiarowym, i co najważniejsze, realnym projekcie, mając możliwość zmiany każdego parametru.

Because of cooling system optimisation we decrease required number of cycles and receive lower products manufacturing cost. By optimising the design of the part and the mould as well as chosen material and processing parameters we limit, or even exclude, the creation of part deformation.

Introducing corrections at the earliest stages of designing the product does not require a lot of time and the benefits that we get from this are extremely important. The sooner we opitimise the parts and the injection moulds in the context of implying them into production, the better, as the model will be more precise and well prepared.


Time and money

The changes, implied at the early stages of a product design, generate lower cost and have bigger influence on possible optimisation of implementing the design to production. The cost of changes grows with a progress rate of the designing process and can lead to a remarkable delay of the product market implementation.



1. Part designing

2. Mould designing

3. Mould manufacturing

4. Part manufacturing

5. Implementing the product on the market


The analysis results show visual tips connected with the project and they also show the direction of its development, simplifying diagnosis and solutions of potential problems. Thanks to this information, the engineers have a detailed insight into the injection mould manufacturing. They can also make optimal decisions during creating a project which benefits in designing projects of a higher quality.

Project simulation

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